Optional client licenses

Available for Kalliope PBX , Kalliope4SP and KalliopeCloud

KalliopeCTI Desktop

The advantages of Kalliope at your fingertips

KalliopeCTI enables you to integrate your telephone and IT systems, making it easier to optimize your business processes.

A multi-platform software (Windows, MacOSX, and Ubuntu), providing services that include a centralized directory, call log, and convenient integrated click-to-call service in free, Pro, and Phone versions, at your fingertips.

KalliopeCTI, among other things, allows you to perform automatic actions (such as opening a specific web address) in conjunction with receiving, answering, or closing calls. You can also customize these actions based on call parameters such as the incoming number or corresponding contact in your directory.


  • Click to call
  • Automatic actions for incoming calls
  • Direct access to address book and CDR
  • Microsoft Outlook contact integration
  • Remote control of phones
  • Softphone mode
  • Multi-platform software
  • Instant Messaging

KCTI mobile app

Your favorite services always on hand!

The Kalliope CTI mobile app (for Android and iOS systems) gives your smartphone access to telephone and UC services outside the office via your extension number using company lines.
With the Kalliope CTI mobile app, you can make calls as if sitting at your desk, and the recipient sees your office number, not your mobile.
The call also doesn’t incur costs on your mobile phone contract.
Similarly, you can receive notifications in real-time via the app for each call to your extension, allowing you to decide whether to forward them to your mobile phone.

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  • Access to internal, shared and personal directory
  • Personal CDR consultation
  • Click-to-call
  • Integrated Forking to Mobile service
  • Incoming call notification and response
  • BLF status and presence of extensions
  • Unconditional forwarding
  • Mobile contacts integration
  • Voicemail access
  • Chat
  • One click integrated Callback and DISA services

Kalliope Attendant Console

Entrust us with your calls!

Kalliope Attendant Console is a software for Windows that adds to the Kalliope CTI features designed specifically for receptionist stations.
In addition to being optimized for touch devices, it allows, for example, rapid management and classification of incoming calls in real-time.

Kalliope Attendant Console software allows you to:

  • Classify incoming calls by origin (queued, external, internal, and return to transferer).
  • Select the calls to answer
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to speed things up.
  • Easily forward and hold calls via drag & drop.

Kalliope Attendant Console is available in softphone mode, with the integrated SIP client and CTI mode with Snom and Yealink phones.


  • Simple queued calls view
  • Select the calls to answer
  • Simplified call forwarding via drag & drop mechanisms
  • Monitor BLF status
  • Optimised for touchscreens

How to purchase optional Client licenses

You can purchase client and software licenses to expand your Kalliope offer for a one-off fee.

Available for Kalliope V4 LITE and higher, including VMs
Not available for Kalliope MINI

Not available for BASE profile

Included with the Kalliope4SP Full and Light Starter Kits offer

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