The solution built
around user requirements

A modular, full-featured platform.
Easily integrable with your customer’s business processes and software.

Your company, our solution

Why Kalliope Enterprise

Integration is the future

More than just a telephone communication platform, Kalliope Enterprise is an integrable solution for third-party software, enabling your telephone system to become part of the entire workflow.

No longer a commodity but a true corporate asset designed to meet your needs and provide value.

What it offers

A full-featured modular solution

Kalliope offers, according to your customer requirements:

  • Modulo integrazione (API, Instradamento Dinamico, Active Directory)
  • Modulo Contact Center
  • Piattaforma Nexus
  • Modulo provisioning avanzato (support telefoni Cisco)
  • Autenticazione su Active Directory
  • Integrazione del flusso di chiamata con la piattaforma Microsoft Teams*

* Microsoft and Teams are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation

Kalliope Nexus ready

“Integration made easy”

Kalliope Nexus is a software integration tool.

Data collection, correlation, and processing guide the optimization of your business processes toward true digital transformation.

Kalliope Nexus standard and tailored modules provide reporting and data management solutions to operate in a true data-driven context.

Visit our Nexus modules page to learn more about how to personalise your Kalliope Enterprise solution.

Consultation service

Step by step alongside our partners.

With Kalliope Enterprise, enjoy the backing of our team of specialists to identify tailor-made solutions for your company, with dedicated offers for both OPEX and CAPEX.

Is Kalliope Enterprise the solution you’ve been searching for?

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Already a Kalliope partner and want to know more?

Through our Kalliope Tribe platform you can build – with our support – a Kalliope Enterprise project tailored to each customer.

Kalliope Enterprise includes firmware updates, pre-sales technical and commercial support, and Silver technical support.
It does not include:

Delivery and testing (third-party equipment, platform configuration, or final testing).
First-level customer technical support.

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