Become a Kalliope Partner

Kalliope has always believed and invested in the value of partnerships for consistent and constant business growth and improvement.
For this reason, we have created a four-tier Partner Program: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
To become a Kalliope Certified Partner, all you need to do is sign up for the two-day certification course.

The KCA (KalliopePBX Certified Associate) certification course provides the tools necessary to install, configure, and manage a Kalliope-based VoIP network.
It is a three-phase dedicated program for System integrators and Service providers. At the end of the course, by completing the certification test, Silver Partner status is automatically assigned, with the advantages it brings.

Kalliope partner advantages

  • Dedicated discounts based on partnership level
  • Free monthly commercial insights and technical focus on specific topics
  • Unlimited access to Kalliope Tribe, a platform dedicated exclusively to our certified partners containing dedicated documentation and videos.
  • Support for commercial projects, client offers, technical, and implementation phases.
  • Upgrade your partnership level yearly.
  • Accumulate points through turnover, commercial and community activities.

Zero obligation, lots of opportunities!

Phase 1: Theoretical phase

Preliminary phase to be carried out before the practical course. This includes all of the theory provided via videos on Kalliope Tribe.

NetResults provides participants with credentials and instructions to access the platform and a list of pre-course training videos.

Viewing of these 24 training videos is a prerequisite for participation in the practical phase

Phase 2: Two-day online practical course (both for System Integrators and Service Providers)

A purely practical course with our tutor online.

This phase takes place on GoToWebinar, and a 30-channel Virtual Machine, valid for 30 days, is provided as a work environment (in addition to the one purchased with the course)

In the days before the practical course, participants will receive an email containing the links to register and the guide to configure the work environment (you must activate the virtual machine correctly by the first day of the practical course)

Phase 3: Certification Exam

The exam ppreparatory to obtain the certification takes place during the last phase of the second day of the course. The students carry out an exercise and, on passing, obtain the Kalliope certification. If, at the first attempt, the student is unsuccessful, they have the opportunity to repeat it a second time. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, they will have to repurchase the course.

After completing the course and certification test, you become a Silver Partner, enjoying a series of commercial advantages.

How to participate


The cost of the course for System Integrators is per person and includes:

Access to the Kalliope Tribe platform and the related 24 videos for theoretical preparation about the Kalliope world

Two days of online course with a Kalliope tutor. A practical full immersion course in which you will be provided with the tools for installing, configuring and managing a VoIP network based on Kalliope.


The training course is included in the Full and Light Starter Kit packages. KalliopePBX hardware is not included (costs and codes indicated in the shared price list).


N.B. Contact your local distributor for information on pricing and how to register for the course.

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