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Rackmount or virtualized environment? KalliopePBX meets the needs of large companies.

Public Sector

Many public sector bodies have already chosen KalliopePBX, what are you waiting for?

Contact Center

Find out more about the Kalliope module designed specifically for Contact/Call Centers

Kalliope PBX model range

KalliopePBX offers a range of appliance and VM models designed for SMEs, the enterprise market and Public Sector .
Choose between basic and advanced functions and combine them with a rich suite of applications and add-on modules for both Desktop and Mobile switchboards.

KalliopePBX Virtual Machine (VMWare and Xen, Proxmox, KVM) offers the same quality as our hardware solutions, including unlimited users.

Starting with a minimum of 5, choose the number of licenses based on your external channel requirements. All use the same firmware to offer Kalliope’s solutions to even the smallest business. Server space depends on the number of users, active services, and external channels.

All client licenses, add-on modules, and optional Cloud services are available for purchase and installation with the different VM types and fully support multi-tenant features available with additional licenses.

Count on minimal costs and consumption without making concessions. The perfect mix of small size and advanced features using entirely fanless, high-performance, reliable hardware:

  • 1GHz Dual-Core processor
  • 4Gb of RAM
  • 16Gb SSD


Our competitively priced entry-level option, KalliopePBX MINI, offers all the advantages of VoIP and Kalliope’s main advanced features. Using the same hardware as LITE with software limitations, making it ideal for micro-businesses.

Mini offers:

12 SIP accounts – 4 external channels – 1 IVR level – 2 call groups – 1 call waiting queue

Upgrade from Mini to Lite

The only limitation of our Mini option is the firmware level. You can remove this by purchasing a LITE upgrade license.


KalliopePBX LITE, an unlimited solution guaranteeing up to 25 simultaneous calls, is a light, highly scalable, and expandable product boasting low power consumption. Equipped with all of Kalliope’s advanced features, it supports all desktop and mobile applications.

Lite provides all of the features of Mini Plus:

Unlimited Extensions – KCTI Desktop, KCTI Mobile and Attendant Console Licenses – Kalliope Fax License – Remote Extensions – ContactCenter Module – Hotel Module – High Availability – LDAP – Call Recording

Compare hardware models

1 GHz
1 GHz
StorageSSD 16 GbSSD 16 Gb
Simultaneous calling*1025
Extremely reliableYES
High Availability YES
Call recording YES
Dimensions168 x 157 x 30 mm168 x 157 x 30 mm
Power supply (Max)7W7W
Optional client licencesCTI Desktop, CTI mobile app, Attendant Console
Switchboard add-on modulesUpgrade Mini to LiteContact Center, FAX, Hotel
Optional in-Cloud ServicesKalliope LAM, VSBC
Remote extensionsYES

* Indicative values estimated in the absence of media channel transcoding, subject to re-evaluation in contact center scenarios and complex dial-plans

Solutions designed with large businesses and the public sector in mind, able to support hundreds of extensions and guarantee up to 120 simultaneous calls.

  • 1.6GHz Quad-Core processor
  • 4Gb di RAM (V4R)
    8GB di RAM (V4R+)
  • SSD da 60Gb (V4R)
    SSD da 128Gb (V4R+)

Enjoy an unlimited number of lines, extensions, or other configurable services, offering you flexibility and freedom to manage your users.

KalliopePBX V4R and V4R+ use fanless hardware and offer even more performance thanks to the 1.6 GHz Quad-Core processor.

V4R+ comes with more RAM and SSD memory, and is our only hardware model to support multi-tenant licenses, allowing you to support multiple client PBX services via a single interface.

Compare hardware models

1,6 GHz
1,6 GHz
StorageSSD 60GbSSD 128Gb
Simultaneous calling*120120
Extremely reliableYESYES
High Availability YESYES
Call recording YESYES
Dimensions340 x 255 x 46 mm + rackmount brackets340 x 255 x 46 mm + rackmount brackets
Power supply (Max)15W15W
Optional client licencesCTI Desktop, mobile App, Attendant ConsoleCTI Desktop, mobile App, Attendant Console
Switchboard add-on modulesContact Center, FAX, HotelContact Center, FAX, Hotel, Multitenant
Optional in-Cloud Services Kalliope LAM, VSBC Kalliope LAM, VSBC
Remote extensionsYESYES

* Indicative values estimated in the absence of media channel transcoding and subject to re-evaluation in call/contact center scenarios and, more generally, in the case of complex dial plans.

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