Simplicity. Compatibility. Security. Automation.

With Kalliope you have an interconnection platform built to optimize communication processes and simplify the Workforce engagement relationship.
Thanks to a rich array of telephone functions, client and control panel add-on modules you can have all of the control panel services needed at your fingertips to enable smart working.

Solutions designed to bring technology and users together and facilitate the easy adoption of UC (Unified Communications) for businesses of all sizes (installers, software developers, system integrators, Telco operators) and end-users.

The VoIP platform for corporate communication

• Range of both physical and VM switchboards

• State-of-the-art technical features and maximum simplicity

• Designed for SMEs, large enterprises and the public sector.

On premises solution without infrastructure costs

• All of Kalliope’s features on a Public Cloud, wherever you want

• No physical switchboard installation needed, just a completely secure, ready-to-use solution

• All you have to do is install and configure the phones and switchboard functions, simple!

The scalable and functional Multi Tenant Solution for Service Providers

• The Carrier Class platform to deliver Virtual PBX as a service

• Comprehensive and multitenant solution without sacrificing the quality of service, optimizing the necessary hardware resources


Kalliope Enterprise: the full-featured platform built around customer requirements

A Nexus ready, modular, full-featured, third-party software integrable platform enabling your telephone system to become part of the entire workflow.
Enjoy the backing of our team of specialists to identify tailor-made solutions.
Dedicated offers for both OPEX and CAPEX.

Kalliope Nexus: Integration made easy

A software integration tool developed to collect, correlate, and process data to optimize your business processes and aim for true digital transformation .
Kalliope Nexus standard and tailored modules provide reporting solutions and data management to operate in a true data-driven context.

Become part of the Kalliope team

Sign up and participate in our Kalliope certification courses for system integrators and service providers.
Discover the benefits: dedicated discounts and technical/commercial support for your end-user proposals.

Technology Partners

Thanks to our partnerships with the leading VoIP manufacturers, we offer a robust and reliable service. Kalliope offers freedom of choice and compatibility with all standard SIP products as we do not produce proprietary solutions.

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