Integration made easy

Kalliope Nexus is a pivotal part of the ever-evolving suite of Kalliope products and services as middleware or an integration tool between software.
A tool for collecting, correlating, and processing data to optimize business processes.



  1. a connection or series of connections linking
    two or more things.
  2. a central or focal point.

KalliopeNexus characteristics

An in-the-cloud or on-premise platform.
Applicable to true multi-tenant scenarios on centrex or operator platforms.


With Kalliope Nexus, receive, analyze, and correlate large amounts of data from multiple sources collected by Kalliope systems and customer CRMs.


Reporting and data management solutions enable businesses to move towards true data-driven digital transformation.

Standard Modules

Various module levels characterize effortless delivery.


An advanced reporting module able to group CDR collected data to offer a detailed analysis of telephone resources.

#analytics #report


Catalogue and sort missed calls into shared baskets available to operators, allowing for the orderly processing of contact callback.

#contactcenter #CCaaS


Backup & Restore module dedicated to managing single or multiple Kalliope control units.

#data #backup


Management of billing and multi-service documentation.



Ticket organization and management module designed to accommodate the most demanding Help-Desk services.

#ticket #helpdesk


Outbound campaign management.


Bespoke Modules


Automatic contact card opening service for inbound calls correlating data in CRMs, databases, and third-party platforms.

#CRM #B2E #inbound #workforceengagement


Enhanced support for dynamic routing of Kalliope exchanges. Dynamically modify call flows based on CRM data contained in CRMs or, more generally, any corporate information source.

#dynamic routing


Kalliope and other network equipment monitoring.

#monitoring #diagnostic

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