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Unified Communication (UC) integrates real-time communication services allowing telematic systems to be reachable through a single common interface. One of the pillars of Digital Transformation keeping companies on the path of continuous workforce engagement development by offering advanced professional communication services.

Kalliope offers you the best solution to experience all the advantages of Unified Communication as a Service.

Designed for


Discover the dedicated Kalliope solutions for you.


Rackmount or virtualized environment? Kalliope meets your needs.

Public Sector

Many public sector bodies have already chosen Kalliope, what are you waiting for?

Contact/Call centers

Find out more about our Kalliope module for Contact/Call Centers.



A simple and intuitive configuration interface.


Kalliope is compatible with all standard SIP solutions.


Numerous tools to protect your system and reduce the likelihood of external attacks.

Time saving

Reduce new network setup time thanks to self-provisioning and more!


Our Audit Log allows you to identify any configuration changes.

Process automation

Facilitating and simplifying communication processes to optimize workforce engagement relationships.

Reasons to choose Kalliope

Suitable for any sector, Kalliope meets a variety of needs. Whether you’re an installer or service provider, or if you just want to take advantage of a VoIP platform in a Public Cloud.

The VoIP platform for corporate communication

• Range of both physical and VM switchboards

• State-of-the-art technical features and maximum simplicity

• Designed for SMEs, it’s also a scalable solution suitable for large companies and the Public Sector.

Kalliope’s quality and advantages without the infrastructure costs.

• All of Kalliope’s features on a Public Cloud, wherever you want

• No physical switchboard installation needed, just a completely secure, ready-to-use solution

• All you have to do is install and configure the phones and switchboard functions, simple!

The scalable and functional Multi Tenant Solution for Service Providers

• The Carrier Class platform to deliver Virtual PBX as a service

• Comprehensive and multitenant solution without sacrificing the quality of service, optimizing the necessary hardware resources

UC is just a click away

Access your office UC system and phone extension remotely with Kalliope.
Thanks to a rich suite of telephone functions , client and control panel add-on modules and optional Cloud services you have all these services at your fingertips.

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