Kalliope Virtual


Enable your on-premises PBX in the Cloud

Virtual SBC Kalliope is the SBC Cloud service that enables smart working via your on-premises PBX in complete security.

Born as a facilitating tool for System Integrators and Service Providers to provide secure trunks for access to your PBX from the public internet.

Your Teams account as a Kalliope extension

Due to the use of Audiocodes SBC technology, Kalliope guarantees certified integration with Microsoft Teams, allowing the use of the services and features of your telephone exchange without sacrificing the Teams user experience.
Virtual SBC will enable companies to use the functionality of the Kalliope telephone exchange through Microsoft Teams, thus enabling remote working. Thanks to this integration, it’s possible to make or receive calls from your company’s public number directly through Teams, from a PC, or a mobile phone, allowing you to stay connected wherever you are.

What does integration allow?

  • You don’t need expensive installations at client sites or partners’ data centers where you have Kalliope PBX installed. All you need to do is configure a trunk from your on-premises PBX to the VirtualSBC platform, enabling total security to the Kalliope domain.
  • True integration at protocol level , in the architectural scenario certified by Microsoft , thanks to the technological partnership with Audiocodes.
  • Kalliope extensions can call Teams users and vice versa
  • When an external user calls a Kalliope extension, the extension and associated Teams user are called (using the caller’s number)
  • The Teams user can transfer a received call on the Kalliope extension to another Kalliope extension
  • If the transfer is unsuccessful, the call is redirected to the sender, with the original caller’s number and the letter R: highlighting the call’s “return”.
  • The Teams user can call a geographical number using the Kalliope lines showing the office number.

How to purchase Virtual SBC and Teams integration

Services managed in a Kalliope-owned Data Center. Available for any platform and purchasable for an extension/user monthly fee with an annual contract.

Available for Kalliope V4 LITE and higher, including VMs
Not available for Kalliope MINI

Kalliope Virtual SBC included in all profiles
Teams integration available for purchase separately for all profiles

Available separately for Kalliope4SP
Full and Light Starter Kit offers

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