Designed to meet the needs of the hotel sector

Kalliope Hotel

KalliopeHotel meets the specific needs of hoteliers looking for personalized services to offer guests, immediate management of hotel information, and ease of communication with staff. KalliopeHotel allows Reception staff to independently access and manage the services designed specifically for the reception area via a web panel.

Principle features

Wake up call service

Program one or more wake-up calls for a single room; Choose to include a pre-configured, personalized audio file to be played before or after the time announcement.

Check-in/Check-out service

Room assignment service upon the customer’s arrival and closure of associated accounts at check-out.

Bill Documentation

Create your telephone rates based on traffic

Room Ready

From the telephone terminal, floor staff can communicate, by entering a code on the keypad, the room status (room to be redone / ready to be occupied).

Rebranding Included

On activation of your switchboard license, you can customize the following elements in a few simple steps:

The Kalliope web interface

Hotel logo personalisation

Telephone expense report related to specific rooms

After personalization, you can print the logo and personal information of the hotel on customer invoices.

Additional room management web panel

The control panel, reserved for the reception staff, shows an overview of rooms in the structure. It offers the possibility of dividing rooms by floor and searching for rooms based on occupants, room number, or room status.

The panel presents 4 room states characterized by 4 different colors:

empty room ready for use.

room free but not ready.

room occupied and to be cleaned.

occupied room cleaned.

Room details screen

Personalized customer information.
Room holder and guests’ names, requested and programmed wake-up calls, a notes field for specific customer preferences (such as food intolerances), room status, and up-to-the-minute telephone costs based on configured tariffs.

Reception staff can download a simplified cost report at the customer’s check-out
and attach it to their invoice.
Kalliope Hotel is an accessory license you can integrate into your existing KalliopePBX switchboard.

Available for Kalliope V4 Lite and above, including VMs.Not available for Kalliope V4 MINI.

Minimum required firmware version 4.9.X and above

How to purchase Kalliope Hotel

The Kalliope Hotel accessory license can be integrated into an existing and activated Kalliope PBX for a one-off fee.

Available for Kalliope V4 LITE and higher versions, including VMs
Not available for Kalliope MINI

Kalliope Hotel can be purchased separately for the BASE, PROFESSIONAL, ULTIMATE, ISP profiles.

Included with Kalliope4SP Full and Light Starter Kits

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