Advanced functions

A wide range of integrated features, available for the whole Kalliope range: PBX, 4SP, and Cloud. From standard to advanced, easy to use and configure.

Automatic Call Distribution

Not your usual waiting times

Automatic call distribution gives your clients a professional reception by using the time spent waiting for an operator. The client is informed of the estimated waiting time, position in the queue, and other user-adjustable information. When an operator is free, the system will distribute the calls according to the selected engagement policy—queue priority. An operator may handle multiple queues with different priorities. In concurrent calls from more than one queue, the service will route from the highest priority queue first—queue notifications. When an operator answers a call, the ACD service informs them which queue the call originates from, either with an audio message or through the telephone display. This way, the operator will best deal with the client’s request. Only the Mini package has a one queue limit.

Advanced Call Routing

Follow the right path

To ensure that your company resources are used correctly, KalliopePBX allows you to regulate access to phone lines. The Advanced Call Routing service allows the application of specific call permissions for each user, choosing the most appropriate routing (e.g., the least costly) based on the number called. With KalliopePBX, you can create unlimited ACR rules configurable to correspond with specific area codes or numbers. Each extension registered on KalliopePBX is associated with an ACR class and can only call numbers enabled by the assigned class (fixed and mobile, but not international numbers).

Call recording

(Re)listen to your clients!

KalliopePBX allows you to record calls by scheduling unconditional and on-demand recording rules. Only your company’s privacy officer can access the archives and configure this service. They can also delegate this service to other users at their discretion (visit the download section of this website for the assigning privacy permissions manual). The service can be activated for calls from external and internal numbers and personalized with a message notifying the caller that the system is recording the call. KalliopePBX can store the files in its storage space, an external device connected to the UBS port, or a NAS. You can also forward, copy, and move the files through the web interface, download them to your computer, or delete them permanently. This service is not available in the Mini package.

Hot desking

Your extension where you need it!

More and more workplaces are embracing a culture revolutionizing workspaces, replacing the idea of permanently assigned workstations.
KalliopePBX helps implement this culture with its Hot Desking feature. Staff are no longer chained to one desk but can log into any enabled phone with a personalized PIN.
Once logged out, the phone will once again be available for other users, freeing up the desk.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Straight to the point!

Interactive voice response (IVR) allows you to route inbound calls to specific services or extensions at the push of a button.
Useful for companies without dedicated phone operators and clients by providing prerecorded messages, saving time for both clients and companies.
KalliopePBX, except for the Mini package, doesn’t limit the number of programmable IVR menus and sub-menus.

Manager/secretaries service

The easiest way to filter calls

This service allows users (private secretaries) to filter calls directed to another extension (managers). Only private secretaries (and managers configured in other groups) will directly contact their extensions. Private secretaries will then answer calls made to managers, check their availability, and transfer calls.

Paging service

Let your voice be heard!

The Paging service, commonly used to make information or emergency announcements, allows you to send a live or pre-recorded message from your phone to multiple recipients. KalliopePBX enables you to define an arbitrary number of Paging Groups. Each group is independent, and permissions, destination, operating mode, and messages are configurable.

A single number for all your devices (One for All)

One for all

A single number for all your devices, making it no longer necessary to monitor multiple devices.
Using the Single Number service, you can automatically forward incoming calls to all devices connected to your extension.
It also works for outgoing calls; no matter which device you’re calling from, the caller ID displayed will always be the one associated with your extension.
KalliopePBX also allows you to define the maximum number of calls received simultaneously between devices before the busy tone. This service, called Busy Level, is customizable for each user.

Audio conference

Explore new horizons for your meetings

By activating an audio conference room, you can connect with people within and outside your company, reducing distances and optimizing business practices. You can hold meetings remotely with your team or clients through any landline, cellphone, or PC. Upon creating a new room, you can:

  • • set an access PIN, required to connect to the conference
  • • set an admin PIN for users with advanced permissions.

Each user can also manage their audio conference room (assigned by the system administrator) with moderator permissions.

Forking to Mobile/Fast Transfer

Remain connected!

Forking to Mobile
Particularly useful for frequent travelers, the Forking to Mobile function guarantees maximum availability, as all calls to your extension can be automatically forwarded to your mobile.

Fast Transfer
Fast Transfer allows call transfers between landlines and mobiles, and vice versa, ensuring the continuity of your conversations.

Video Call

When your voice isn’t enough

KalliopePBX offers video call services (H263, H264, VP8) as standard.
In addition to the most common video technology uses, such as one-to-one calls, video intercoms, or security cameras, KalliopePBX offers full WebRTC support protocol for audio and video.
WebRTC simplifies telephone service integration within web platforms to provide your clients a direct contact service via your website.


Secure, unlimited, everywhere!

Traditional answering services have existed for years; the real innovation is how you use them. With Voice Mail, you can listen to messages on your phone or via email, with voicemail features customizable directly from your phone.
Available features:

  • Protect your voicemail with a user-set numeric password
  • Record new welcome messages, listen to or delete received messages.
  • Receive new message notifications via email
  • Automatically forward voicemail messages via e-mail

High Availability

Don’t risk being left stranded!

Being unreachable can have disastrous consequences, especially for those services needing constant contact with clients, such as call centers or technical support desks. Our High Availability service lets you employ two standby PBXs, a controller and an agent, in constant synchronization. The agent will automatically activate and guarantee continued telephone services if the controller is unavailable. In the case of hardware-related problems, our High Availability service ensures a return to full functionality within seconds to maintain business continuity.


Do more with Multitenant

The KalliopePBX multitenant license lets you host multiple tenants (companies), each customizable and fully independent.
A multitenant license offers you:

  • A single administration interface
  • Fully independent tenant services
  • Maximum optimization of hardware resources
  • Full autonomy for the manager of each tenant

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