Standard modules


Collate CDR data to provide a detailed analysis of company telephone resource usage.
Have at your disposal:

  • Professional intuitive reports
  • Effective and accurate graphics
  • Clear and comprehensive dashboards
  • Customizable reports
  • Exportable data tables


Sort and manage missed calls for contact callback processes.


  • Automatic update of unanswered numbers to assigned panels called baskets
  • Automatic targeted call cataloging (queues, groups, IVR, etc.)
  • Callback assignment
  • Redial attempts record
  • ”Click to Call” customer callback
  • Callback status analysis (response/no response)

Enabling you to keep your unanswered calls situation under constant supervision throughout the day to avoid disruptions and increase customer service quality.


Backup & Restore management dedicated to managing single or multiple Kalliope control units.
Allowing you to:

  • Automatically schedule, configure, and encrypt Kalliope “PRIMARY” control panel backups
  • Save backups to custom storage locations
  • Restore and automatically schedule backups of “PRIMARY” control panels to one or more “SECONDARY” control panels
  • Log the restore result (OK / KO)

Backup+ allows multiple extension management to:

  • Configure, schedule, and encrypt several Kalliope “PRIMARY” control panel backups automatically
  • Configure customized storage paths for the backup files of each “PRIMARY” control unit
  • Restore and automatically schedule backups of “PRIMARY” control panels to one or more “SECONDARY” control panels
  • Log the restore result (OK / KO)


Manage billing and multi-service documentation in one place


Ticket organization and management designed to ensure the smooth running of the most demanding Help-Desk services


  • Effortless ticket creation
  • Easy customer interaction
  • Assignment and commissioning of users for resolution
  • Ability to open tickets for external suppliers
  • Automatically opens tickets from e-mails
  • Sharing of tickets with users and groups
  • Historical and daily viewing of ticket status
  • Monitoring of intervention SLAs for quality


Manage your outbound campaigns

“Tailored” modules


An automatic contact card opening service for inbound calls .

Improves the operator experience thanks to the call response mask , enabling advantages, such as:

  • Automatically opening the mask upon receipt or response
  • Automatic caller recognition
  • Ability to connect tickets, personal data, contracts, and previously received calls
  • Ability to add descriptions and notes
  • Associated response scripts based on the caller and callee



Advanced support for dynamic routing. Dynamically modify call flows based on data contained in CRMs



Monitor Kalliope and other network devices


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