The secure, functional and easy to use videoconference platform.

KalliopeLAM module

A license-activated add-on for KalliopePBX offering specific functions to facilitate the operational continuity of your business, regardless of where your employees and clients are.
KalliopeLAM allows you to organize virtual meetings as if in a meeting room. Based on an open-source engine entirely in the cloud. It’s a web-based platform (click and go) with access to meetings via your web browser by simply clicking on the link contained in the invitation email.

Configuring the service

KalliopeLAM integrates into your PBX’s web interface, and users manage the platform, for example, creating events or assigning permissions. Each room has its own license, not the user, enabling a virtual meeting room that users can:

  • Assign room names
  • Define room ownership , or assign to one or more users. No limit to the number of internal PBX registered administrators per room.
    Users with KalliopeLAM administrative permissions have a complete overview of virtual meeting rooms and room choice.

Users can

Access the “meeting schedules” calendar

of a certain room and organize a meeting.

Create a new meeting

By entering the following fields: meeting name, time, access password (optional), list of participants.

Send invites and calendars

To all participants in a meeting by clicking on the “ Save and Send ” button.

Main functions

Web Videoconferencing

Meeting password protection

Waiting room

Desktop sharing


Raise hands

Interlocutor statistics

YouTube video sharing

Protect the privacy of your meetings

Implemented security mechanisms ensure the privacy and security of your meetings on the KalliopeLAM platform.

New videoconferencing instances for each new meeting

The different instances are valid only during the meeting’s reservation, beginning, and end period. These instances (represented in the meeting sharing URL) are 42 alphanumeric characters. In the moderator invitation, an additional 493-character token is present at the end of the URL.

Waiting room enabled by default:

The host is notified when a guest has requested to enter and can decide to accept or not. The host can disable the waiting room for each meeting.

Password for access to meetings

The password can be defined either when planning or during the meeting.

If the host leaves the meeting, the guests are disconnected
The host can elect other users as hosts

How to purchase

KalliopeLAM is an accessory license that can be activated in an existing Kalliope PBX and is available as an annually renewable contract.

Available for purchase for Kalliope V4 LITE and higher versions, including VMs.
Not available for Kalliope MINI

Kalliope LAM is not available for the BASE profile and is sold separately for the PROFESSIONAL, ULTIMATE, and ISP profiles.

Available separately for Starter Kit Light (3 months) and Full (12 months)

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