Switchboard add-on modules

Available for KalliopePBX , Kalliope4SP a > and KalliopeCloud

Upgrade Mini to Lite

Software licence for just KalliopePBX

The Mini model of the KalliopePBX suite has firmware limitations.

UPGRADING to a Lite license removes these limitations allowing your copy of KalliopePBX to enjoy all the related advantages.


Designed to meet the needs of the hotel sector

KalliopeHotel is for hoteliers’ looking to offer a more personalized service to guests by providing immediate information management and ease of communication with staff.
KalliopeHotel allows Reception staff, via a web panel, to independently access and manage services designed specifically for the reception area.
You can also rebrand the platform with your hotel logo and information.

4 main features

  • Wake up call service
  • Check/in and Check/out
  • Payment documentation
  • Rooms Available

Kalliope Call Center

A powerful tool for your business

The Kalliope Call Center module allows you to add advanced services specifically designed for call centers to the normal functions of KalliopePBX through its four main functions.


  • Assign Supervisor and Operator roles
  • Three modes of audio supervision
  • Pause management
  • Advanced CDR
  • Manage queue placements
  • Outbound call tagging
  • Creation of detailed reports for individual queues
  • Monitoring service thresholds
  • Status management by phone code


  • Call outcomes (served, not served)
  • View calls by operator
  • Number called
  • Geographical numbers called by users
  • Date, hours, minutes, and seconds of call arrival, operator response, and call closure
  • Call queue identifier
  • Total Waiting Time
  • Effective Talk Time
  • Monitoring service thresholds
  • Call closure reason


KalliopePBX grows with you!

Because a building may house different businesses, Kalliope’s multitenant license allows building administrators to host businesses (tenants) in a fully independent and personalized manner.
Thanks to Kalliope’s multitenant license you enjoy:

  • A single administration interface
  • Fully independent tenant services
  • Maximum optimization of hardware resources
  • Full autonomy of single tenant managers

All this allows you to divide costs among businesses in the building without losing management autonomy.

Kalliope FAX Server

Everything changes, even the fax!

The use of fax to send essential communications has changed as it adapts to the times.

With Kalliope Fax Server, you can send documents via a web browser or e-mail just by entering the recipient’s fax number.
This integrated fax module is activated on KalliopePBX with an additional license.
It uses the active channels in the KalliopePBX license, and there are no limits to the number of users authorized to access the service. You can activate the FAX module on all KalliopePBX platforms except the KalliopePBX V4 Mini.


  • FAX sending / receiving via T.38 protocol.
  • Advanced management of users / groups / FAX lines with differentiation between privileges criteria.
  • Unlimited users and groups.
  • Activation of unlimited FAX channels possible.
  • Mail2FAX.
  • Management of send attempts in case recipient is busy or unreachable.
  • Integrated FAX-to-email service.
  • Send / receive notifications via email.
  • Complete web-accessible register of received and sent FAXes.
  • Customization of send and receive FAX notifications.
  • Fax history export for archiving.
  • SNMP support for monitoring.
  • Download of partially received faxes.

How to purchase add-on modules

Add-on modules designed to enable UCCs and expand a company’s business offer. Available for a one-off fee.

Available to purchase for Kalliope V4 LITE and higher, including VMs, not Kalliope MINI
The upgrade to LITE is the only Add-on module available for MINI.
The multitenant add-on is only available for V4R+

Kalliope Hotel can be purchased separately for the BASE, PROFESSIONAL and ULTIMATE profiles.
Call Center is not available for the BASE, but is available for the PROFESSIONAL and included in the ULTIMATE and ISP
Fax server is included in all four profiles

Included in the purchase of the Kalliope4SP Full and Light Starter Kits offer

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