Kalliope’s new brand identity

New brand identity for Kalliope

A continuous evolution

For over 13 years Kalliope has followed the evolution of technology and market needs while trying to remain faithful to its claim “Communication made easy” .

Continuous challenges have brought about changes making Kalliope more and more integrated and flexible. Initially conceived as a PBX, Kalliope has, over time, become synonymous with a whole world of solutions for unified communication & amp; collaboration.

The new logo

Faced with this continuous evolution, we also felt the need to update our image, placing Kalliope and not just KalliopePBX at the center. Hence the choice of a new domain www.kalliope.com and a new logo, oriented towards the various variations of product and service.

The focal point of the new corporate identity is the new pictogram: the zither now making room for a stylization that evokes this new identity and refers to the volume symbol. The composition of the triangles is representative of the various elements making up the Kalliope universe, tiles of a single mosaic. The pictogram thus structured finally lets the letter K, our initial, emerge.