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Welcome to the technical wiki dedicated to Kalliope users and partners.

ATTENTION: Starting from 05/06/2020 the IP address corresponding to the license (, updates ( and KalliopeTribe registration ( servers has changed from to

All communication between the KalliopePBX and these servers is done in HTTPS, using the standard port 443. If ACL filters are outgoing from Kalliope towards the old IP in the installation network of the central unit, it is necessary to update them with the new value.

We remind you that the VMs must periodically contact the license server to verify its validity. A prolonged period (30 days) of unreachability of the same can cause the block of the telephone functions.

We also recommend that the SMTP configuration of the central units be carried out in such a way as to receive, together with the others, the daily alert in case the server is unreachable.


29/08/2022 : released the new Release of KalliopePBX rev. 4.15.0, which introduces the ability to use Microsoft 365 email boxes as Mail2FAX boxes. (changelog)
27/06/2022 : released the new Release of KalliopePBX rev. 4.14.0, which collects all the features introduced in firmware 4.13.x and adds new events related to call delivery to extensions. (changelog)
06/05/2022 : released the new Release of KalliopePBX rev. 4.13.8, which fixes some bugs. (changelog)
26/04/2022 : released the new Release of KalliopePBX rev. 4.13.7, which introduces the ability to include KCTI Mobile as a member of a queue by taking advantage of the wakeup mechanism when the app is a background. Also added support for optional Kalliope Enterprise licenses. (changelog)
08/03/2022 : KalliopePBX update 4.13.6 released: introduced new APIs for integrating third-party systems. Also introduced a new automatic alert email on reaching predefined occupancy thresholds disco (changelog)
14/12/2021 : KalliopePBX update 4.13.3 released: introduced the new panel for monitoring status deviations and settings operation (changelog)

KalliopePBX v4

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