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N.B.: This service is tied to optional licenses and is available starting with firmware version 4.11.X and subsequent updates.

Kalliope LAM (Look At Me)

Kalliope LAM Module is an add-on of KalliopePBX. You can get it by a speciific license that offers a set of functions to support the business continuity of a company, regardless of the location of its employees and customers. KalliopeLAM allows you to organize virtual meetings in a physical meeting room just as you would. Based on an open-source engine and entirely in the cloud, it is a web-based platform (click and go), meeting participants access the meeting through their web browser by clicking on the link contained in the invitation email. The mobile app version for Android and iOS operating systems is also available and can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the App Store. For more information on the KLAM mobile app (click here).


The management of the KalliopeLAM platform by users, for the creation of events or the assignment of permissions, is fully integrated into the web interface of the PBX. The KalliopeLAM solution is not licensed for users but for rooms, each license enables a videoconference room, a real virtual meeting room for which it will be possible:

  • Give the room a specific name
  • Define the ownership of the room: assign its use to one or more users. There is no limit to the number of administrators for each room, as long as they are internal to the PBX. The user who has management permissions for the entire KalliopeLAM service has a complete overview of the virtual meeting rooms; he can choose a room.

Amministratore lam.png

The user can:

  • Access the "meeting schedule calendar" for a particular room and choose to schedule a meeting

Screenshot lam 3.png

  • Create a new meeting by entering the following fields: meeting name, time, login password (optional), list of attendees

Screenshot lam 2.png

  • Send invitations and calendars to all participants of a meeting by clicking the "Save and Send" button

Main features

  • Webconference
  • Meeting protection with password
  • Waiting-room
  • Desktop sharing
  • Chat
  • Raise a hand
  • Partner statistics
  • YouTube video sharing

Protecting the privacy of your meetings

Several mechanisms have been implemented to ensure the privacy and protection of your meetings on the KalliopeLAM platform.

  • New videoconference instances for each new meeting: the different istances will be valid only in the period indicated for the booking, start and end of the meeting. These instances (represented in the meeting sharing URL) consist of 42 alphanumeric characters, and in the case of a moderator invitation, there will be an additional 493-character token at the end of the URL
  • Waiting room enabled by default: the moderator is notified that a guest has requested to enter and can decide to accept or not. The moderator can disable the waiting room on a metting-by-meeting basis.
  • Definition of password protection for access to the meeting : The password can be defined in two different moments: either during the scheduling of the meeting and during the conference itself
  • If the moderator leaves the meeting, guests are disconnected
  • The moderator can elect other users as "moderator"